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Advance administrative services

The below section list in detail what admin services are included in ADVANCE ADMIN:

All services of BASIC ADMIN.

Configure custom fields and screens
- Configure issue custom fields
- Configure custom field context
- Manage issue field configurations
- Manage issue screens
- Configure custom screens

Setup filters and dashboards
- Create JQL queries
- Setup filters
- Configure dashboards

Create and manage issue workflows and issue workflow schemes
- Add and delete an issue workflow
- Edit an issue workflow
- Manage issue workflows
- Work with issue workflows
- Import and export issue workflows
- Configure advanced issue workflows
- Configure issue workflow schemes
- Configure workflow

System administration
- Configure global settings
- Manage shared items
- Configure email in Jira applications

How does it work?

We have automated the admin process by integrating directly into the Jira Cloud eco-system. Upon successful subscription you automatically gets created as a customer on our Customer Portal. If you purchased Basic or Advance Admin Services you will immediately be able to log a case that will be assigned to one of our admin experts.