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Expert administrative services

The below section list in detail what admin services are included in EXPERT ADMIN:

All services of ADVANCE ADMIN.

Automation Services
- Setup of correct templates
- Configure Triggers
- Configure Conditions
- Configure Actions

Workflow Automation (Adaptavist Scriptrunner required and Additional licenses may apply)
- Integration with Adaptavist Scriptrunner
- Automate Workflow transitions with custom scripts
- Update custom fields through custom scripts and Jira REST APIs
- Setup custom conditions, validations and script post functions

Scripting and Integration (Adaptavist Scriptrunner required and Additional licenses may apply)
- Utilise Built-in Scripts
- Bulk clone issues
- Bulk fix resolutions
- Copy custom field values to another field
- Setup Script Listeners
- Setup Workflow Scripts
- Setup Escalation Scripts
- Setup External Integration to backends to display information

Enhanced Search (Adaptavist Scriptrunner required and Additional licenses may apply)
- Setup enhanced search filters

Setup Source control integration
- Integrate source control into your project
- Automate build and release management
- Auto transition issue workflows on git actions

Integrate Jira Cloud with other products and apps
- Integrate with Confluence
- Integrate with development tools
- Integrate with self-hosted tools using OAuth
- Integrate apps
- Explore Atlassian Open DevOps
- Integrate your deployments with Jira

Other services
- Backup cloud site instances
- Import and export your data to and from Jira Cloud

How does it work?

We have automated the admin process by integrating directly into the Jira Cloud eco-system. Upon successful subscription you automatically gets created as a customer on our Customer Portal. If you purchased Basic or Advance Admin Services you will immediately be able to log a case that will be assigned to one of our admin experts.